Bitcoin Halving Incoming

By Nicolas Abington | Crescent City Capital Market Analyst Intern

One of the biggest dates in crypto is coming up in less than seven months, the Bitcoin halving. For those reading that don’t know what that necessarily means, Bitcoin essentially distributes supply like a heartbeat. At the moment, ₿12.5 are distributed to the market place every ten minutes and is readily available to be traded by crypto participants. On May 14th, 2020, that heartbeat is going to slow down to a rate of ₿6.25. While this doesn’t implicitly seem like a major occurrence, history has shown otherwise. In the six months preceding a halving, Bitcoin has experienced price gains of 2.3x before the first halving and 1.7x before the second halving. These halvings happened before the crypto boom of 2017 and were separated from those massive gains. If we are to believe history is to repeat itself, then as we continue our regular trading, we should also be keeping an eye on the countdown to ₿6.25.