BTC/ETH Spread

By Nicolas Abington | Crescent City Capital Market Analyst Intern

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been the leading cryptocurrencies since the early stages of the emergence of the concept. Due to their notoriety between the two coins as the face of the industry, their prices have predictably fluctuated in tandem with each other. As the coins fluctuate in prices one thing to notice is the differing degrees in magnitude between the two. 

Just as of last week Bitcoin and Ethereum, have taken noticeable gains after the dive in the market from the lack of activity in the BTC futures. Bitcoin had a moderate increase of 5.38% while Ethereum had an even better comeback with 10.81% when compared with USD. The difference in gains highlights the difference between Bitcoin and altcoins as altcoins have historically experienced more volatile price fluctuations when compared to Bitcoin. The spread between these two coins is integral to the crypto world and is something we need to watch going into the next couple of weeks especially but further into the long term market.