Integrating Cryptocurrency Investments

Founded in 2018, Crescent City Capital is a multi-strategy cryptocurrency hedge fund. Crescent City Capital brings a competitive three-year track record, and blends technical and fundamental approaches to blockchain investment.
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Our vision

Widespread adoption of blockchain technology, and blockchain’s absorption into traditional business models, will be a central theme of the 2020’s. As the market develops, the potential for growth and innovation will be unprecedented—and it will be accessible to the most sophisticated entrepreneurs and investors, and individuals who are just beginning to explore the marketplace. Cryptocurrency has also already become an essential element to a traditional investment portfolio.

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Our Team Our team brings a strong mix of backgrounds spanning tech, finance, and marketing. In addition to management, Crescent City Capital has a variety of contributing members with backgrounds in engineering, finance, and other applicable fields.

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David Chase Managing Partner

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Richard Carthon Managing Partner

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Hunter Metcalf Managing Partner

Open Positions We’re actively hiring individuals with the same drive for excellence and passion for cryptocurrency, across all levels of experience.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Our Insight into What's Occurring
in the Crypto Market

Monthly Reports

Want deeper insights into the cryptocurrency markets? Check out our monthly reports that take a deeper dive.